Learn About SPLOST
from the Forsyth County Tea Par

Forsyth Tea party

SPLOST Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why a Special SPLOST election 18 months early?
    • A non-standard election date will have low turnout and will favor special interests.
    • Avoids base of Forsyth County fiscal conservatives who will vote NO.
    • Early date avoids voter comparison of T-Splost vs. Splost.
  2. A $9.0 million giveaway to the city plus more
    • City will receive 12.5% of sales tax revenues, or $9.0 million more than the state mandated 3.2% (population ratio).
    • Plus more – - $100 million for jail & courthouse in city.
  3. A Suspect Process
    • Three BoC members chastised by State’s Attorney General office for improper private meetings with City officials after ethics complaint.
    • The BoC Chairman and 2nd member voted NO on citizens request for town hall meeting on SPLOST.
    • BoC accepted input from special interests, none from citizens at Town Hall meeting.
    • Flawed or no traffic studies for road improvements.
  4. Questionable Projects
    • $50 million courthouse complex alternatives are possible: use existing courts for criminal caseloads and add a less costly and smaller courthouse for civil caseload – - – new or existing: e.g. empty Kroger in Lakeland Plaza.
    • $50 million jail expansion
      • Is there a projection showing annual costs & savings for alternate sized jail expansions for a 10 to 20 year period?
      • Are there other approaches to jail incarceration to reduce both jail population and incarceration costs?
    • $99 million in roads and other capital projects. Which ones are not needed but based on land holdings of special interests.  Example – - one BoC member’s family has large tracts on 3 city roads indicated to be widened.
  5. Spend $200 million in the downturn?
    • Current SPLOST VI ends mid 2013.
    • Why not wait at least until Nov 2012 to see status of economy?
    • Could also wait until mid 2013.
  6. Is the Animal Shelter bait for your vote?
    • Same BoC group lead by P. Bell voted to rescind previously approved shelter and then placed it on SPLOST VII for your vote.
    • Animal Rights groups say No to Splost VII, shelter is needed now, not 2016 -2019.
  7. Is there is adequate time to do it right? Yes SPLOST VII starts June 30, 2013!
    • Why be rushed to commit our sales taxes to special interest needs?
    • Tell the BoC with a NO vote: citizens wish fiscal responsibility, not wasteful spending.