Suggested Email to Forsyth Commissioners

Here is the suggested content for an email to the Forsyth County Commissioners.  Copy and paste it into your email program and modify it as you wish.

The Castleberry Widening issue comes before the Board on Thursday, February 20th, so please act quickly.

Please send us a copy of your email(s) to the Commissioners.

To: R.J. (Pete) Amos <[email protected]>,
Brian R. Tam <[email protected]>,
Todd Levent <[email protected]>,
Cindy Jones Mills <[email protected]>,
Jim Boff <[email protected]>,
Attorney General Sam Olens <[email protected]>,
Sr. Assistant Attorney General Stefan Ritter <[email protected]>,
FCRG <[email protected]>
Subject: Castleberry Widening
I write to strongly oppose the widening of Castleberry Road and the wasting of taxpayers' money.

As proven to you time and again, the current and projected traffic flow does not justify widening, and would be a violation of your oath of office to honestly serve all Forsyth County citizens.

All the reasons given by members Tam, Mills and Amos defy logic and fact.  The only two explainable reasons (and not given) appear to be 1. the 450+ un-developed residential acres on Castleberry and a $45 to $60 million increase in value if a new 4 lane divided highway is built, and 2. "The Mayor Wants It" per BoC Chairman Amos in 2005 to several Castleberry homeowners (who will willingly testify).  The $12,000,000 unnecessary spend causes a questionable odor and hence our email copies to State and Federal officials. We hope this is just faulty BOC communications.

There are dozens of severely overcrowded County roads; please focus on those.

Castleberry is not an alternate route for north/south travel, as some of you state, or it would be heavily traveled today.  People are using every viable alternate route they can due to our overcrowded roads, and they are not flocking to Castleberry.

Further, widening is not a requirement or even related to improving safety.  The previous plan & unanimous vote on 11/20/2012 including Commissioners Amos and Tam would ensure safety improvements, as would requests to lower the speed limit, currently ignored by our Engineering Department.

The non-action by the BOC and Engineering Department to numerous requests by homeowners over the past several years must be considered a contributor to the 5 unfortunate deaths, acknowledging driver error, weather conditions, etc are other factors.  Still, SHAME on those who should have acted. 

Please use available funds to get the more needed road improvements shovel ready (Brookwood, McGinnis Ferry, Old Alpharetta, etc).

Commissioners Amos and Tam, please do not Flip-Flop and contradict your previous vote.  We do not like Flip-Floppers and will remember in the next election.  You have awakened a sleeping giant with this Flip-Flop and wasteful expenditure of our money, and the homeowners are alert and energized to elect responsive officials.

Respectfully submitted,